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I produce professional, reliable and accurate translations of English or Portuguese texts into French. I help you express your ideas and concepts in clear and concise language. My speciality is in humanities and social sciences.

Bilingual Terminology

I can create a glossary of the terms used in your company and translate them into French to ensure proper and consistent usage in all your documents and throughout the company.

Editing and Rewriting

I edit, improve, adapt, or simplify your texts—whatever you need.

This service includes stylistic, structural and copy editing as well as adaptation.


I convey your ideas in clear, expressive and elegant language. I perform the necessary research to produce creative texts.

About Me

Driven by curiosity and a passion for languages and cultures, I decided to combine the two, and set my sights on a career in translation. But, since I believe that to be a good translator it is not enough to be fluent in one’s mother tongue or perfectly bilingual —after all, translation is an acquired skill!— I chose to take my studies in a new direction.

Having obtained a major in Anthropology and two Certificates in Translation, I am currently enrolled in graduate studies at the Université de Montréal.

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Les traductions Geneviève Tardif
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To request a quote, please send the document to be translated and include the following information:

Service required: translation, glossary, editing, copy writing or rewriting
Subject matter (example: nutrition, human resources, political)
Word count
Document type (Word, Excel, PDF)